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Are You a Contractor Who Owes Taxes? Tax Resolution Can Stop Those IRS Letters, and Provide Tax Debt Relief

You desired to fulfill the American Dream. You started your own contracting company. You were your own supervisor. You would make a good living off your aptitude and skills.


Are you a landscaper owing back or late taxes? Alliance Tax Resolution can stop IRS letters & provide tax debt relief.But somewhere along the way, something went off the rails. Cash got dicey. You had to make decisions on whom to pay. You paid staff or suppliers, but not yourself nor the IRS. And now you’ve got woes in Racine County.


Your Racine County contracting business is gone (or just hanging on). But some bodies – specifically, the Internal Revenue Service and/or Wisconsin Department of Revenue – haven’t forgotten. They’re sending threatening mailings about taxes you still owe. The numbers keep mounting, too.


Have they gone into your bank account or garnished wages? Might be in the next note.


Your situation isn’t out of the ordinary. Former Racine County contracting firms – plumbers, carpenters, electricians, painters, landscapers and more – regularly owe back taxes. Usually it’s self-employment taxes or income taxes. Sometimes it’s both. The total might be $10,000 or more.


You don’t know what to do. Who’s on your side? Know in advance that it’s not the Internal Revenue Service or DOR. If they put forth a “deal,” it’s one that works for them, not you. Their mission is to calculate and collect taxes … not to be your pal.


Instead, rely on Alliance Tax Resolution Service, the Midwest’s leading tax resolution provider. Since 2009, we’ve forged tax debt relief plans for hundreds of Racine County contractors who, perhaps like yourself, felt helpless and ensnared by crushing tax debt.


Are you a plumber owing back or late taxes? Alliance Tax Resolution can stop IRS letters & provide tax debt relief.A solution to your tax dilemma exists. We’ll identify it. Along the way, we can often reduce or eliminate bank or wage garnishments. Amend prior tax returns for your benefit. File missing returns. Negotiate down (or eliminate) interest and penalties.


We can’t guarantee precisely how your challenge will be settled. We do promise to find you the lowest possible agreement allowed by law.


Alliance Tax Resolution Service is a no-judgment zone. Do you know that one in 15 American taxpayers, including contractors in Racine County, owes money to federal or state tax agencies? The vast majority aren’t bums, or scofflaws, or criminals. They’re hard-working people who need back tax help … and we furnish it.


Let’s find a payment plan and tax relief program that works for you. Quit stressing out or losing sleep. Contact Alliance Tax Resolution Service, and fix your tax problems today. How amazing will life be with those issues behind you?


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