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Are You a Wisconsin Restaurant or Bar Owner Who Owes Taxes?

Tax Resolution Can Deliver Tax Debt Relief that Gets You Cooking Again in Coppens Corner

Are You a Restaurant or Bar Owner Who Owes Taxes? You always hoped to own a Coppens Corner restaurant or bar. Run a place where people could unwind. Let their hair down. Have a tasty meal. Enjoy the companionship of buddies.


The hours and duties were never-ending. The repeat patrons from Coppens Corner, and smiles on people’s faces, made it all worth it. Your dream was alive.


Why did the ominous letters from the Internal Revenue Service, stating you owe back taxes, start? Why does the Wisconsin Department of Revenue assert you owe sales taxes, or payroll taxes … or both? What happened?


The reasons could be many. The type of your business, for one. Being cash-intensive companies, bars and restaurants are frequently singled out for audits by tax agencies in Coppens Corner.

Occasionally inquiries are sparked when information from credit card companies doesn’t jibe with the tax returns from these types of organizations.


Have you accidentally filled out sales tax forms wrongly, or missed filings? If so, the IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue estimate what you owe – and it always leans toward more, not less.


It’s feasible your filed tax returns don’t include all eligible costs (especially payroll and food), leaving you paying more taxes than needed.


The “why,” at this point, might be beside the point. As tax troubles build, you’re just fearful about losing the place – “your” Coppens Corner place – that you labored so hard to foster. Maybe, sadly, it’s already closed … but the tax collectors keep pestering you.


Don’t lose hope. Instead, give Alliance Tax Resolution Service, the Midwest’s premier tax resolution firm, a chance to fix your tax situation.


We promise a solution exists. We can’t assure how it will be settled. We do pledge to find you the minimal possible arrangement allowed by law.


Since 2009, we’ve created tax debt relief plans for bars and restaurant owners in Coppens Corner who faced unexpected tax issues. They aren’t criminals or tax cheats. When they opened their businesses, though, no one informed them they would be under the close watch of state and federal tax enforcers. One or two mistakes, and they pounce.


The wrong approach is to ignore the situation, and cross your fingers it goes away. It won’t. Interest and penalties will accrue. Before long, warning letters could be joined by garnishments from your bank account.


Don’t let the trouble get this bad. Alliance Tax Resolution Service is a no-judgment zone that helps taxpayers who have made honest mistakes or, as with Coppens Corner bar and restaurant owners, work in a market segment targeted for heavy tax enforcement.


You likely know the IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue aren’t your buddies. You might even wonder if they’re out to “get” you. Hand over your troubles, and we’ll manage all interaction and negotiation with these formidable agencies. We’ll find a remedy, and a payment plan and tax relief program that you can manage.


Why wait? Contact Alliance Tax Resolution Service. We’ll fix your tax problems, and get you back in the Coppens Corner place you love.

Are You a Restaurant or Bar Owner Who Owes Taxes near Coppens Corner, WI