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Tax Resolution Can Help You Maintain Your Illinois License, and Provide Tax Debt Relief

Tax Resolution Can Help You Keep Your Wisconsin License, and Offer Tax Debt ReliefThe list of professional jobs necessitating a license in Winthrop Harbor is practically endless: barber. Teacher. Doctors. Electrician. Dentists. Lawyers. Insurance agents.


Without a license, you can’t earn a living. It’s a frightening scenario. But if you live in Winthrop Harbor and owe taxes, need tax debt relief or require help with taxes, the Illinois Department of Revenue could indeed take your license … and your livelihood.


Professional license holders can lose their licenses because of pending state tax problems. If you face this problem, hoping it goes away won’t fix it. State tax agencies can take away licenses unless a settlement is agreed upon to pay back taxes or extend tax forgiveness.


You didn’t end up here by choice. Perhaps your Winthrop Harbor business slowed down, so you procrastinated on making payments for sales, payroll or income taxes. The intent was to catch up. You just never did.


Or perhaps you closed an operation, but didn’t file the required documents. If so, the Illinois Department of Revenue, and Internal Revenue Service at the federal level, assume you’re still in business. They expect tax payments. Aren’t making them? Plan to hear from them soon.


What to do? Before the next threatening letter shows up – and while your Winthrop Harbor license is still in good standing – contact Alliance Tax Resolution Service, the Midwest’s leading tax resolution firm.


Alliance Tax Resolution Service is a no-judgment zone that aids people who have made honest errors. Since 2009, we’ve created tax debt relief plans for dozens of Winthrop Harbor licensed professionals with tax challenges. We get them back on their feet – licenses intact.


We promise a solution exists. We can’t promise how it will be settled. We do guarantee to negotiate you the lowest potential settlement legally allowed.


The concept of losing your license is bad on its own. How about garnishments from wages or your Winthrop Harbor bank account? Tax agencies, whether state or federal, are serious. They want their money … and have the authority to get it by nearly any tactics needed.


Alliance Tax Resolution Service stops the harassment. We manage all communication and negotiation with these powerful agencies, and figure out a workable payment plan and tax relief program.


We’re professionals like you. Our sole goal is to get you back doing what you do best.


If you’re saying “Fix my tax problems,” don’t hesitate any longer. When you’re ready to get that monkey off your back, call Alliance Tax!


Tax Resolution Helps You Keep Your License & Offers Tax Debt Relief near Winthrop Harbor, IL