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Are You an Illinois Small Business Owner Who Owes Taxes?

Tax Resolution Can Restore Your American Dream With Tax Debt Relief

You just sought a slice of the American Dream: Own a business. Be your own supervisor. Make adequate dough to live happily in Woodland Hills. Plan for the future.


Along the way, though, something went astray. The economy might have dipped. A large client or supplier may have gone under. Maybe it was personal challenges involving a relationship or your health. Or perhaps, despite never-ending hours and innumerable sacrifices, it just wasn’t the right place or time.


Your Woodland Hills business is gone (or just hanging on). But now your American Dream has morphed into a nightmare. You still owe taxes from the venture … and the tab keeps mounting.


Your situation is uncommonly common. Former small business owners – contractors, tradespeople, truckers, landscapers, medical professionals, retailers – frequently owe payroll taxes, sales taxes or income taxes. Sometimes it is a mix of all three. Often the total is $10,000 or higher.


What now? Interest and penalties are accumulating. You might be getting ominous letters from the Internal Revenue Service and/or Illinois Department of Revenue. Have they dipped into your bank account or garnished wages?


These agencies are not your pals. They have one job: assess and collect taxes. Any “deal” they suggest works for them … not your best interest.


Here’s who’s on your side: Alliance Tax Resolution Service, the Midwest’s premier tax resolution firm. Since 2009, we’ve made tax debt relief plans for hundreds of Woodland Hills small business owners who, maybe like yourself, felt vulnerable and boxed in by overwhelming tax debt.


A resolution to your tax problem can be reached. We can’t promise exactly how it will be resolved. We do guarantee to find you the lowest possible settlement under the law.


One in 15 American taxpayers (even business owners in Woodland Hills) owe money to federal or state tax agencies. They’re often mortified. Stressed out. Losing sleep. Hesitant where to turn.


If this is you, understand that Alliance Tax Resolution Service is a no-judgment zone. The vast majority of people who face tax debt aren’t lazy, or cheaters, or crooks. They’re honest, hard-working citizens who need back tax help. We understand this.


When income gets tight, with payroll or vendor expenses waiting, many Woodland Hills small business owners wait on tax payments. Many never get back to them. It happens.


The IRS or Illinois Department of Revenue won’t be understanding, though. Don’t take on these powerful, ruthless agencies by yourself, just as you wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer. We manage all communication and negotiation with tax authorities on your behalf.


We will find a payment plan and tax relief program that works for you. Don’t wait any longer. Resolve to fix your tax problems today. Contact Alliance Tax Resolution Service. Let’s put an end to your nightmare.


Tax Debt Relief Plans With The Lowest Possible Settlement near Woodland Hills, IL